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1. Can the family provide outside care assistance?

Yes, of course.

2. Are there any activities scheduled during the day?

Yes, the weekly program is printed in advance. Activities include visits from guests, choirs and school children, cooking and baking demonstrations, art and puzzles, gardening, and happy hour for special occasions. There is a piano on-site for all to use.

3. Are TV’s and music permitted in the rooms?

Yes, of course, with volume control for the comfort of everyone.

4. Does the resident have to furnish the room?

No, all rooms are furnished with a bed and large dresser. Other furniture can be added if space permits.

5. What is the food like?

Healthy, nutritious, and satisfyingly home-cooked meals are provided. The menus and recipes are always available to read. Meals can be modified to meet individual needs. Smart snacks of healthy, low-calorie food are provided between meals.

6. Is smoking and drinking permitted?

Alcohol in moderation is permitted. No smoking in the home or on the property.

7. What personal care services are provided?

  • Control of administration of individual medications
  • Visit by pastor for spiritual care
  • Visit by doctor for medical care
  • Regular foot care is provided as a complimentary service
  • On-site hair salon
  • Laundry done on-site

8. Are pets allowed?

We are not able to accommodate pets, but plan to arrange visits by dogs for the residents’ enjoyment. There is an aquarium in the lower sitting area.